There are currently three Parks in Jurassic Park Builder: the original Jurassic Park, the Aquatic Park and the Glacier Park. Each Park has its own Animals, foods, Decorations and Buildings. Despite any naming similarities, coins and Bucks are the only things shared between parks, "Meat" in Jurassic Park is seperate and different from "Meat" in Glacier Park.

Park Jurassic Aquatic Glacier
Penned animals Carnivores Piscivore‎s Carnivores
Open Range animals Herbivores Crustaceavores‎ Herbivores
Penned animal food Jurassic Meat Meat Fish Fish Glacier Meat Meat
Open Range food Jurassic Crops Crops Crustacean Crustaceans Glacier Crops Crops
Decorations Jurassic Park Decorations Aquatic Park Decorations Glacier Park Decorations
Buildings Jurassic Park Buildings Aquatic Park Buildings Glacier Park Buildings

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