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Jurassic Park is the first section of the park available in Jurassic Park Builder. It has two types of dinosaurs/reptile: Carnivores and Herbivores, and two types of food: Carnivores eat Meat Jurassic Meat and Herbivores eat Crops Jurassic Crops. CROPS

Most classic dinosaurs/reptile can be created in three steps: Amber acquisition, Research, then purchased in the market with coins Coins. Limited dinosaurs can only be purchased with Dino Dollars Bucks. While one dinosaur/aquatic reptile in each of the three parks cost real money. DNA Rescue Dinosaurs can be obtained in tournament

Decorations and Buildings can be created and are available in the market. Buildings produce coins Coins and decorations boosts the coin production of both dinosaurs and buildings.

Missions are available from each of the following characters: Dr. Grant, Dr. Malcolm, Dr. Wu, Hammond and Kelly Curtis. Mission completions reward players XP IMG 5943, coins Coins , bucks Bucks, Meat Jurassic Meat and/ or Crops Jurassic Crops.

Code Red is a mini game exclusive only to the Jurassic section.

The table below shows general information regarding each dinosaur/ flying reptile in Jurassic Park.

Dinosaurs 44

Dinosaur weakness
Acrocanthosaurus Bite
Albertosaurus Swipe
Allosaurus Charge
Amargasaurus Bite
Ankylosaurus Charge
Baryonyx Bite
Brachiosaurus Bite
Brontosaurus Bite
Camarasaurus Bite
Carcharodontosaurus Bite
Carnotaurus Charge
Ceratosaurus Swipe
Compsognathus Swipe
Corythosaurus Swipe
Dilophosaurus Charge
Dreadnoughtus Bite
Dryosaurus Swipe
Edmontosaurus Swipe
Euoplocephalus Charge
Gallimimus Swipe
Giganotosaurus Bite
Iguanodon Bite
Indominus Rex Bite
Nasutoceratops Charge
Ouranosaurus Bite
Pachycephalosaurus Charge
Pachyrhinosaurus Charge
Parasaurolophus Charge
Pteranodon Swipe
Pterodactylus Swipe
Rajasaurus Bite
Shunosaurus Bite
Spinosaurus Bite
Stegosaurus Charge
Suchomimus Bite
Tapejara Swipe
Torosaurus Charge
Triceratops Charge
Troodon Swipe
Tuojiangosaurus Charge
Tyrannosaurus Bite
Utahraptor Swipe
Velociraptor Swipe
Yutyrannus Bite

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