John Hammond is the founder/CEO of Jurassic Park. He founded the company "InGen." In both the book and the movie of Jurassic Park, he has died, including the actor himself. However in the game, Jurassic Park Builder, he returns as a character that gives out quests to players in all 3 parks including the Jurassic Park, Aquatic Park and Glacier Park. Of course, the island where Jurassic Park was founded on is called "Isla Nublar," well known to many Jurassic Park fanatics.

As seen to the right of the page, is Hammond in the game. He is only one of a couple character that give you the quests for all players to follow if they wish. This mad scientist is one of the only characters in the movies that actually have a big role of introducing each park after reaching the level required for unlocking this character.

Hammond Introduction

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