Index Title Prerequisite Description Tasks Reward
1 I'm On Vacation Level 23 Technically, I'm on vacation. But this is a perfect opportunity to gather data on the formation of this cave. We may not get this opportunity again.  Place 2 Small Ice Sculptures.
Expand the Glacier Park.
3100 XP
2200 coins
2 Lost and Found Level 24 I can't see anything in this dark cave and I dropped my compass. Without it, we won't be able to find our way out. Could you help me retrieve it? Move a building.
Place a Torch.
3300 XP
3000 coins
3 Undercurrent Level 27 We'll search this glacier-melt for any interesting samles to bring back home. This isn't like sifting through sand in the Arizona desert, mind you. Have 900 crops.
Place a Rock Painting.
4200 XP
6600 coins
4 Landing Zone Level 33 The helicopter won't be able to land on the ice field unless it's made safe and things are moved out of the way. We'll start with this. Move a building.
Sell a decoration.
12200 XP
19200 coins
5 What Did You Say? Level 36 We'll need to place distinct landmarks on the ground so that Dr. Malcolm and I can rendezvous at the same point. I'll let you handle it.  Place an Inflatable Sabertooth.
Place 2 Red Flower Patches.
14400 XP
14100 coins
1 dollar
6 A Man of Few Words Level 38 Where is he? Dr. Malcolm's driving into the village so he can't be hard to spot. We should head over to these locales along the main road.   Expand the Glacier Park.
Place 8 roads.
16000 XP
17600 coins
1 dollar
7 Heroes Wanted Level 42 What exactly did the townspeople see? We'll go to each location and interview them to find out. Collect 2,500 coins from a Communication Relay with at least a 15% bonus.
Put 2 Leafless Trees around a Garden close together.
19500 XP
25800 coins
1 dollar
8 Do The Right Thing Level 45 We're driving into the valley to find out what's been disturbing people here in the village. I'll need the quickest route. Expand the Glacier Park.
Place 12 roads.
22300 XP
66000 coins
9 In The Distance Level 48 There it is. Do you see it? Have a Woolly Mammoth at Level 15.
Place 2 Snowy Trees.
25300 XP
41100 coins
1 dollar
10 Impasse Level 50 Dr. Malcolm refuses to help so I need you to collect data samples from the mammoth. Hair follicies, prints, stool pieces - anything you can think of. Have 3 Medium Fossils.
Collect 800,000 coins from animals.
27400 XP
47000 coins
1 dollar
11 That's The Plan Level 53 Our first priority should be to track down the baby mammoth. If we split up, we'll cover more ground and hopefully discover where he's hiding. Place 10 roads.
Move 4 buildings.
30700 XP
113200 coins
12 To The Rescue Level 58 Be careful. The baby mammoth is somewhere on this farm. We need to find him before anyone comes back and catches us snooping around! Remove 2 roads.
Place a Cave.
Move 3 decorations.
36600 XP
74600 coins
1 dollar
13 The Truck Driver Level 64 The transport for the baby mammoth is scheduled to arrive any moment. Let's clear the way and make sure it can come through. Place 5 roads.
Sell a decoration.
Move a building.
44400 XP
99500 coins
1 dollar
14 I'm Improvising, OK? Level 69 What's the quickest route back to the village? Step on it. I don't want to lose sight of the mother mammoth. Place 15 roads.
Have 5000 crops.
Create a path from the Gateway to the Woolly Mammoth using roads.
51500 XP
246000 coins
15 Community Level 75 Dr. Malcolm convinced me to let the mammoths go. We think there might be a whole herd of mammoths we haven't encountered yet. Collect 150,000 coins from buildings.
Expand the Glacier Park.
Collect 150,000 coins from a Woolly Mammoth with at least a 20% bonus.
60700 XP
309000 coins
16 Back to Basics Level 78 We're going back to basics.You're in charge of inventory for the team while Hammond and I get information from the village locals. Have 4 Medical Wards.

Collect 3,000 meat from the Meat Harbor.

Collect 1,500,000 coins from animals.

65600 XP

171600 coins

1 dollar

? Seeking Guidance Level 81 Our expedition is doomed to failure unless I can get some reliable information. The locals may be able to pinpoint the Magda glacier on the map but we need your help. Have 2 Polar Observatories.

Place 2 Snowy Trees and Communication Relays together.

Have 3,500 meat.

353100 XP

380000 coins

All About Dr. Milton Level 90 To ensure that everything on our expedition to the Magda glacier doesn't go awry, we'll need to study Dr. Milton's patterns moving through Southern Patagonia. Collect 100,000 coins from an Entelodon with at least a 25% bonus.

Have 6,000 crops.

Put 3 Big Fossils around a Snowy Mountain.

217400 XP

117500 coins

1 dollar

Cold Prey Level 93 Dr. Grant wants to do a bit of reconnaissance on the area to make sure the sabretooth is not present. Have 800 meat.

Collect from a Lookout Point 5 times.

Have 5 Small Ice Sculptures.

232000 XP

250000 coins

Eyes Forward Level 95 Getting to a higher elevation point should help with locating the SS Arc Atlantic. Have 4 Snowy Mountains.

Collect 8,000 coins.

Move 6 decorations.

242000 XP

260000 coins