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Picture Name Cost XP Unmodified Earnings Rate Size Build Time
Info Igloo
Info Igloo 28,500 Coins 285 300 Coins 30 mn 2x2 7h 36m
Glacial History Museum
Glacial History Museum 70,900 Coins 709 290 Coins 30 mn 3x3 18h 54m
Security Bureau
Security Bureau 34,500 Coins 345 570 Coins 1 hr 2x2 9h 12m
Souvenir Outpost
Souvenir Outpost 84,400 Coins 844 1,000 Coins 2 hr 3x3 22h 30m
Power Generator
Power Generator 19 Bucks 650 Coins 1 hr 2x2
Watch Tower
Watch Tower 97,900 Coins 979 1,299 Coins 3 hr 3x3 26h 6m
Ops Center
Ops Center 49 Bucks 1,300 Coins 2 hr 5x5 77h 30m
Medical Ward
Medical Ward (Lv.36) 52,500 Coins 525 1,000 Coins 2 hr 2x2 14h 0m
Communications Relay
Communications Relay 124,900 Coins 1249 1,900 Coins 4 hr 3x3 33h 18m
Espresso Coffee Shop
Espresso Coffee Shop 29 Bucks 3,600 Coins 5 hr 3x3
Aurora Restaurant
Aurora Restaurant(Lv.44) 145,150 Coins 1452 3,000 Coins 6 hr 3x3 38h 42m
On The Rocks Spa
On The Rocks Spa 39 Bucks 4,002 Coins 6 hr 4x4
Polar Observatory
Polar Observatory(Lv.50) 294,000 Coins 2940 1,601 Coins 3 hr 4x4 78h 24m
Snow Labyrinth
Snow Labyrinth (Lv.48) 69 Bucks 5,005 Coins 7 hr 5x5
Crystal Clock
Crystal Clock(Lv.57) 189,000 Coins 1890 3,500 Coins 7 hr 3x3 50h 24m
Ice Cavern Hotel
Ice Cavern Hotel(Lv.56) 99 Bucks 7,000 Coins 10 hr 4x4
Big Chill Ice Rink
Big Chill Ice Rink 581,250 Coins 6,000 Coins 12 hr 5x5 155h 0m
Lookout Point
Lookout Point 384,000 Coins 1,800 Coins 4 hr 4x4 102h 24m
Mastodon Mall
Mastodon Mall 149 Bucks 7,992 Coins 12 hr 5x5
Hotel Four Winds
Hotel Four Winds(Lv.69) 918,000 Coins 10,008 Coins 24 hr 6x6 244h 48m


Build time can be calculated from the Cost.  For buildings that must be purchased with coins, divide the cost by 62.5 and round down to get the build time in minutes.  Ex: Watch Tower 97,900 / 62.5 = 1566.4 ==> 26h 6m

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