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The Glacier Park (Cenozoic Park) is the third and final section available in Jurassic Park Builder and is available at level 20. Like the two other parks, the Glacier Park has two types of animals and two types of food: Carnivores eat Meat Glacier Meat and Herbivores eat Crops Glacier Crops. Besides these animals, themed decorations and buildings can also be placed in the park. As with Jurassic and Aquatic Park sections, missions can be performed for each of the five characters: Dr. Grant, Dr. Malcolm, Dr. Wu, Hammond and Kelly Curtis, rewarding you with XP IMG 5943, coins Coins , bucks Bucks, and Meat Glacier Meat and/ or Crops Glacier Crops.

Unlike the Jurassic Section, amber acquisition is replaced with Expeditions. The same thing goes with the Aquatic section.


Animals Battle Weakness
Aepycamelus Bite
Amebelodon Bite
Amphicyon Swipe
Andrewsarchus Swipe
Archaeotherium Swipe
Arsinoitherium Charge
Arthropleura Bite
Castoroides Bite
Chalicotherium Bite
Coryphodon Charge
Daeodon Swipe
Deinosuchus Charge
Diprotodon Bite
Dodo Charge
Doedicurus Charge
Elasmotherium Charge
Entelodon Swipe
Eremotherium Bite
Gastornis Swipe
Gigantopithecus Bite
Hyaenodon Swipe
Indricotherium Bite
Kaprosuchus Swipe
Kelenken Charge
Macrauchenia Bite
Marsupial Lion Swipe
Mastodon Bite
Megalania Charge
Megaloceros Swipe
Megistotherium Swipe
Meiolania Charge
Moeritherium Charge
Platybelodon Bite
Peltephilus Charge
Phorusrhacos Swipe
Procoptodon Swipe
Sarkastodon Bite
Smilodon Swipe
Synthetoceras Charge
Thylacosmilus Swipe
Titanoboa Bite
Uintatherium Charge
Woolly Mammoth Bite

For glacier creatures max stats see :

Glacier Park Max Stats



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