1. While playing Jurassic Park Builder, you can give your dinosaurs with really cool and funny names.You can just give these names to your dinosaurs by yourself.

Here is the list of names.

No. Dinosaur Name
1 Acrocanthosaurus Blue Bonny
2 Aepycamelus Sdhu
3 Albertosaurus Albert Einstein
4 Allosaurus Furu
5 Amargasaurus Maerlin
6 Amebelodon Soi
7 Ammonite Nautilus
8 Amphicyon Doggie
9 Andrewsarchus Wolfa
10 Ankylosaurus Clubby
11 Anomalocaris Inctasi
12 Archelon Big Friendly Turtle (BFT)
13 Arsinoitherium Ugmak
14 Baculites Blue
15 Bananogmius Fishnado
16 Baryonyx Barry
17 Basilosaurus Lizard II of King
18 Brachiosaurus Tall Amy
19 Brontosaurus Whip
20 Camarasaurus Camie
21 Carcharodontosaurus X-Teeth
22 Carnotaurus Bullhead
23 Castoroides Gaming Beaver
24 Ceratosaurus Chase
25 Chalicotherium Gravelbeast
26 Colossal Squid Giant Inkling
27 Compsognathus Tiny Compys
28 Coryphodon Hippy
29 Corythosaurus Corrie
30 Daeodon Mad Pig
31 Dakosaurus Godzilla
32 Deinosuchus Scary Croc
33 Dilophosaurus Venomous
34 Diprotodon Wobbly
35 Dodo Dodo Chic

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