Code Red Promo

Once 5 land carnivores are placed in the Jurassic section of the park (usually after placing the Carcharodontosaurus), the Code Red mini-game is unlocked. In this mini-game, a major storm is approaching the park and the carnivores (not including flying carnivores) are getting restless. The player deploys the Dino Wranglers to keep the dinosaurs calm before they go berserk and escape.

Each land carnivore has a timer which starts empty and slowly fills, changing colors from green to orange to red as it does. Clicking on a dinosaur will dispatch wranglers which has the affect of collecting coins and resetting the timer. If a dinosaur's timer runs out, the mini-game ends with it breaking out. Then, like hatching, it takes time (15 mins) for the dino to be recaptured and starts producing coins again.

To make the game more intresting, higher level carnivorous dinosaurs tend to escape faster than lower level carnivores.

  • Red Alert button before Code Red
  • Code Red Message
  • Code Red End Message
  • Red Alert button afther Code Red

Gameplay techniques

Since the Code Red mini-game only deals with land carnivores, it is helpful to try and keep them on one screen. Since the controls are removed during a Red Alert, it is okay if during normal play, that "one screen" has dinosaurs "hiding" behind buttons (like the Red Alert button or the ones in the lower right).

The number of coins earned increases steadily except when the timer reaches 7/8 full and the dinosaur turns red. At this point there is an immediate increase in coins. To earn the highest amount of coins, the player should wait until the timer reaches 7/8 full and then click on the selected dinosaur. But be careful not to let the timer run out!