The decorations are there to help your dinosaurs and buildings gain more money. Decorations provide a bonus percentage which is added to the income of each dinosaur or building in its area of affect.

Notes on Mechanics

  • Each Park has its own set of dinosaurs, buildings and decorations. There's a couple cases of reused names (Jurassic and Aquatic each have a Volcano and an Infirmary) but the properties and graphics are different.
  • Bonuses currently range from 0.5% to 30.0% and usually come in 1% increments.
  • The "Area of Affect" is determined by the Coverage and Size of the decoration. The size describes how big the decoration actually is (always a square between 2 to 6 spaces on a side). The coverage describes the range of the area of effect (see example below).
  • There only needs to be one square of overlap between the Area of Affect and the building/dinosaur to get the bonus. Having more overlap does not increase the bonus.
  • Bonuses from decorations are added together then applied (not compounded).
  • By placing decorations wisely you can increase the number of dinosaurs and buildings affected by the decoration. Some decorations have a large enough area of effect that one decoration can affect more than 24 buildings.
  • Unsurprisingly, the decorations with the highest areas of affect and highest bonuses are also the most expensive.

Example: A Family Safari Lodge is a building with a base income of 1000 (over 2 hrs). The Sundial has Size of 3x3, a Coverage of 4 and provides a bonus of 7.0%. So the Sundial takes up a 3x3 square and has an area of affect that is 11x11. So, if any part of a Family Safari Lodge is in that area of affect then the Family Safari Lodge income is boosted to 1070 (1000 * 107%). A second Sundial would boost the income 14% to 1140 (1000 * 114%).

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