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The Aquatic Park is the second section available in Jurassic Park Builder and is available at level 10. Like the other parks, the Aquatic Park has two types of animals and two types of food: Piscivores eat Fish Fish and Crustaceavores eat Crustaceans Crustacean. Besides these animals, themed decorations and buildings can be placed in the park and missions can be performed for each of the five characters: Dr. Grant, Dr. Malcolm, Dr. Wu, Hammond and Kelly Curtis, rewarding you with XP IMG 5943, coins Coins , bucks Bucks, and Fish Fish and/ or Crustaceans Crustacean.

Like the glacier section of the park, Amber acquisition is replaced with Expeditions.

Creatures: 43

Creature Battle Weakness
Ammonite Charge
Anomalocaris Charge
Archelon Charge
Baculites Charge
Bananogmius Swipe
Basilosaurus Bite
Colossal Squid Bite
Dakosaurus Swipe
Dolichorhynchops Swipe
Dunkleosteus Charge
Edestus Bite
Elasmosaurus Bite
Enchodus Charge
Geosaurus Swipe
Gillicus Charge
Hainosaurus Bite
Helicoprion Swipe
Henodus Charge
Hybodus Charge
Hyneria Swipe
Koolasuchus Swipe
Kronosaurus Swipe
Leedsichthys Charge
Leptocleidus Swipe
Leviathan Bite
Mauisaurus Bite
Megalodon Bite
Metriorhynchus Swipe
Mosasaurus Bite
Ophtalmosaurus Swipe
Odobenocetops Bite
Orthoceras Charge
Platecarpus Swipe
Pliosaurus Bite
Protosphyraena Charge
Psephoderma Charge
Sea Scorpion Charge
Shastasaurus Bite
Shonisaurus Bite
Styxosaurus Bite
Trinacromerum Swipe
Tylosaurus Bite
Xiphactinus Swipe

Creatures that eat Crustaceans:

Ammonite, Anomalocaris, Archelon, Baculties, Bananogmius, Elasmosaurus, Geosaurus, Henodus, Koolasuchus, Leedsichthys, Leptoclidus, Mauisaurus, Mosasurus, Ophtamosaurus, Odobenocetops, Orthoceras, Platecarpus, Protosphyaena, Psephoderma, Trinacromerum

Creatures that eat Fish;

Basilosaurus, Colossal Squid, Dakosaurus, Dolichorhynchops, Dunkleosteus, Edestus, Enchodus, Gillicus, Hainosaurus, Helicoprion, Hybodus, Leviathan, Megladon, Metriorhynchus, Pliosaurus, Sea Scorpion, Styxosaurus, Tylosaurus, Xiphactinus

For Aquatic Creatures Max Stats, see :

Aquatic Park Max Stats




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