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There are currently four different card packs in the game. The first card pack is the Free Pack. In every pack, you can get 2000 meat, 2000 crops, 4 bucks, 2000 coins, or 20 claws. But if you open it in the aquatic park, then you can get 2000 crustaceans, or fish, instead of the meat, and crops. You can open a free pack after 8 hours, so you can open a maximum of 3 packs a day. The second pack is the Jurassic Pack. In this pack, you can get a maximum of 21000 coins, 16 bucks, 80 fangs, 8000 crops or meat, and a limited dinosaur is guaranteed for every pack, these limited dinosaurs are: Yutyrannus, Tuojiangosaurus, Nasutoceratops, Tapejara, Amargasaurus, Carnotaurus, Euplocephalus (that means, if you did not buy it for ~20 £, then you can get it from here), Suchomimus, Gigantosaurus, Rajasaurus, Shunosaurus, Utahraptor, and Dreadnoughtus (so you can get all the tournament creatures). In the Aquatic and Glacier Pack you can get the same resources, and the limited and tournament dinosaurs (you can see them in our page). After you got one of these creatures, there will be that creature in the dino market for free. And, if you get a dinosaur, that you already have, then you'll get 125 bucks instead. Also Recently they added 2 new creatures to the glacier pack.

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