Index Title Prerequisite Description Tasks Reward
1 Joyride Level 11 So where do you want to go? Point me in any direction and we'll do some sightseeing! Place 7 tracks. 1300 XP
1100 coins
2 Impressionable Minds Joyride Look, the museum is up ahead. They ought to have really cool exhibits. Mind if we stop and take a look around? Place Museum. 1300 XP
550 coins
1 dollar
3 The Apple and the Tree Maternal Figure I've been studying marine biology on my spare time and I'm ready to prove it. Give me a hand, okay? Collect 5,000 coins from piscivores. 1900 XP
1600 coins
4 Director's Cut The Apple and the Tree I want to be a nature documentarian someday. But I need practice with this underwater camera first. Let's shoot some scenes. Sell a decoration.
Activate the Fish Harbor 3 times.
Place a Platecarpus.
1900 XP
800 coins
1 dollar
5 Rescue Mission Director's Cut One of the sea creatures in Jurassic Park got tangled up in a fishing net. I'll need your help if we're going to free it. Have a sea creature at level 8.
Collect 1,000 crustaceans.
Collect 4,000 coins from crustaceavores.
2900 XP
2000 coins
6 Beauty In The Wild Rescue Mission We're too far to get a clear focus on the Leedsichthys. Help me get closer to it. Just watch out for those teeth! Place a Leedsichthys.
Activate the Fish Harbor 4 times.
2900 XP
1000 coins
1 dollar
7 Aftershock Beauty In The Wild There's an underwater outpost just before we sank. See if there's a med kit of some kind out there. Please hurry.  Place a Security Complex.
Have 4 Coral Plates.
Have 2 Barnacle Stones.
3200 XP
2100 coins
8 Footloose Aftershock Look for a garage or body shop that carries big tools. If you bring one back, I may be able to pry myself free. Place a Repair Bay.
Place 6 Green Seaweeds.
Place a Small Fossil.
3200 XP
1100 coins
1 dollar
9 Lost and Found Footloose We're really far way from the others. Do you know where we are? There must be some kind of recognizable landmark. Place an Abyss Museum.
Place 2 Marine Turbines.
Place a Kelp Bed.
3800 XP
2300 coins
10 Predator Lost and Found Quick, we've got to shake the Megalodon off our trail. We need to find spots out here that make good hiding places. Have 8 Barnacle Stones.
Have 6 Small Coral Patches.
Buy a Coral Reef.
3800 XP
1200 coins
1 dollar
11 Tails of Suspense Predator There's definitely something creepy following us. Let's get out of here without attracting too much attention! Expand the Aquatic Park.
Place 10 tracks.
Have 5 Yellow Coral Bushes.
4500 XP
2500 coins
12 A New Friend Tails of Suspense I don't know why this young Basilosaurus is following us. But let's take her somewhere where it's safe first. Have 3 Small Fossils.
Place a Basilosaurus.
Collect 1,000 Fish.
4500 XP
1300 coins
1 dollar
13 Meet Rosie A New Friend I've never done a full check-up on a sea creature of this calibre. I'll hold Rosie still - do you want to examine her? Collect from a Basilosaurus 3 times.
Place a Green Seaweed.
5200 XP
2700 coins
14 A Friend In Need Meet Rosie Move anything sharp out of the way so Rosie doesn't get hurt. Then we can begin fixing her up. Move a Marine Turbine.
Feed a Basilosaurus 5 times.
5200 XP
1400 coins
1 dollar
15 Interior Decorator A Friend In Need Rosie seems to be getting better. Perhaps she could use a nice, soft bed of algae while she's recovering? Collect from the Fish Harbor.
Place a Kelp Bed.
5600 XP
2800 coins
16 Table Manners Interior Decorator I think Rosie should be strong enough to eat something by now. Level up a Basilosaurus.
Have 6 Green Seaweeds.
5600 XP
1400 coins
1 dollar
17 Thanks For All The Fish Table Manners Rosie is looking healthy and happy. I don't want her to go but it's for the best. Wait, we have a farewell present, don't we? Have 3 Coral Reefs. 14300 XP
7200 coins
18 Hard Rock Thanks for all the Fish We should be on our way, too. The Aqua Park was built on a bed of sea green basalt with custom pebble formations. Can you see it? Place a Pebble Garden. 14300 XP
3600 coins
1 dollar
19 Wrong Turn Hard Rock It doesn't look like anyone is here. Let's look around, see if we can salvage anything useful.  Have 5 Thermal Vent Power. 20000 XP
10000 coins
20 A Yellow Submarine Wrong Turn Great job! You found us a mini-sub. Help me untangle it from this thicket of algae.  Remove 3 Kelp Beds. 20000 XP
5000 coins
1 dollar
21 Co-Pilot Level 43 Now that we have the sub up and running, help me plot the best course back to the Aquatic Park. What do your instincts tell you? Activate the Fish Harbor 4 times.
Place 20 tracks.
Collect 3,000 coins from piscivores.
25500 XP
13200 coins
22 Tangled Co-Pilot Hey...We've come to a stop. Let's go outside, I think we got stuck in a bed of seaweed or something. Have 5 Small Coral Patches.
Move 5 Coral Reefs.
Have 130,000 coins.
25500 XP
6600 coins
1 dollar
23 Karma Level 47 Those are Basilosauruses from the Aquatic Park. Which means we're near the end of our journey! Quickly, follow the pod! Collect from a Basilosaurus 5 times.
Have 6 stars with any piscivore.
Place an Abyss Museum.
30300 XP
17400 coins
24 End of the Tunnel Karma Okay, I see the Aquatic Park lights in the distance. The clinic should be over here somewhere. Do you see its docking path? Place 10 tracks.
Collect 14,000 coins from crustaceavores.
Place an Infirmary.
30300 XP
8700 coins
1 dollar
Big Impression Level 54 This is a rare opportunity to observe the largest prehistoric sperm whale to ever swim the ocean. And I don't intend to miss it! Place a Leviathan.
Place 2 Big Sculptures.
Collect 50,000 coins from buildings.
39800 XP
28600 coins
High Maintenance Big Impression Look at the size of this Leviathan. No wonder he eats nearly 4500 pounds of food a day, just to keep its metabolism going. Feed a Leviathan 6 times.
Collect from the Marine Turbine 3 times.
Place a Repair Bay.
39800 XP
14300 coins
1 dollar
Swim Coach

High Maintenance

Level 56

At the start of the new semester, I plan on joining the varsity swim team so I need to stay in shape. Help me setup a swim course I can use around the Aquatic Park. Place 2 Small Coral Patches.
Move 4 sea creatues.
Have 10 Barnacle Stones.
42700 XP
32700 coins
27 Healthy Lifestyle Swim Coach Eating right to keep my energy up is hard sometimes. Luckily, the harvests around the Aquatic Park are packed with rich vitamins and nutrients. Collect 4,000 fish.
Have 22 Green Seaweeds.
Put 4 Kelp Beds around a Pebble Garden close together.
42700 XP
16400 coins
1 dollar
28 Father's Day Level 61 Father's Day is tomorrow and I want to surprise Dad with something special. I know he's recently gotten attached to the animals here in Aquatic Park. Put 2 Big Sculptures and a Giant Sea Star close together.
Collect 18,000 coins from the Abyss Museum.
Have a crustaceavore at Level 40.
101000 XP
44700 coins
29 It's My Party Level 67 We're almost ready. Could you help me get a few more things prepared for the party? Place a Pebble Garden.
Collect 100,000 coins from the sea creatures.
Have 25 Small Coral Patches.
121400 XP
62400 coins
30 Breaking The Rules Level 72 Looks like my dad and I are going to be working together from now on. Let's get started on some of today's tasks. Move 3 sea creatures.
Place 2 Small Coral Patches.
Have 5,000 fish.
139900 XP
36000 coins
1 dollar
? Keep It Buried Level 90 Help Kelly by finding a good hiding spot for the fossil sample. Have 7 Underwater Caves.

Place 6 Big Sculptures.

Move 2 Giant Fossils.

108700 XP

22500 coins

? Level 91? ? ? 113600 XP

23000 coins

1 dollar

Reaching Out Level 93? Could you help Kelly find her father? He should be somewhere close by. Place 4 Kelp Beds around a building.

Collect from the Repair Bay 2 times with at least a 25% bonus.

Collect 30,000 coins from the Infirmary.

116000 XP

46500 coins