Index Title Prerequisite Description Tasks Reward
1 Small Things... Complete New Blue World - Hammond mission (Jurassic Park) Time to cast off! Launch your expedition submarines and have them retrieve precious underwater DNA Samples. Send out an expedition submarine.
Receive a DNA Sample from the expedition.
Decode the DNA Sample in the research center.
1100 XP
500 coins
1 dollar
2 The More You Know Level 13 In order to get data samples, we'll need to run diagnostics and biofeedback on the specimens. I'll leave it in your hands. Level up a crustaceavore.
Level up a piscivore.
1300 XP
1300 coins
3 Post-Lab What Now? The More You Know Please run these last few errands before we shut down the lab for the night. Move a sea creature.
Buy a Barnacle Stone.
Collect from the Marine Turbine 2 times.
1300 XP
650 coins
1 dollar
4 Have It Your Way Complete eighth Park expansion Do you know where I can go for a midnight snack? Where do tourists go when they're hungry? Move 2 sea creatures.
Place a Megalodon Diner.
2200 XP
1700 coins
5 Team Effort Have It Your Way I have some lab experiments to run but let's both take the lead on it this time. I think you're ready. Sell a decoration.
Activate the Fish Harbor 3 times.
Feed 4 piscivores.
2200 XP
850 coins
1 dollar
6 Brain Freeze Complete The Color and the Light - Malcolm mission Dr. Malcolm prescribes a healthy dose of "nothing". I have been working hard so I'll take the day off. You're in charge. Place 5 decorations. 2700 XP
1900 coins
7 Heart To Heart Brain Freeze Alright, let's try this analysis one last time. If this doesn't explain the DNA samples, nothing will. Ready when you are. Activate the Crustaceans Harbor 5 times.
Activate the Fish Harbor 5 times.
2700 XP
950 coins
1 dollar
8 Breaking News Heart To Heart We have a nationwide media link - I'm taking active measures to protect our research. I could use every hand I can get. Collect 12,000 coins from sea creatures.
Move 3 sea creatures.
3800 XP
2300 coins
9 Advanced Research Breaking News This is some of the other cutting-edge work we produced. Run these procedures and then store the results for future preservation. Have 6 stars with piscivores.
Collect from the Security Office 3 times.
3800 XP
1200 coins
1 dollar
10 Under Pressure Advanced Research We need to send a team out there and restore power to my labs again. This will have to be a multi-step, expeditious process. Place a Repair Bay.
Have 5 Purple Seaweeds.
4800 XP
2600 coins
11 Power Play Under Pressure Okay, easy does it. Place the power source carefuly on the ocean floor. And please be mindful of the specimens as you do so. Place a Thermal Vent Power.
Place a Giant Sea Star.
4800 XP
1300 coins
1 dollar
12 Key To History Power Play I'm close to narrowing the source of our excavated DNA samples. It may give us a better understanding about the Ice Age. Feed 10 piscivores.
Have 4 Small Coral Patches.
13500 XP
6800 coins
13 Methodical Man Key To History There is a stage gate process we use to isolate the source. It's a slow burn so it's best to keep any expectations in check. Have 1,000 Crustaceans.
Collect 30,000 coins from piscivores.
13500 XP
3400 coins
1 dollar
14 Mystery Mail Level 35 Let's compare this refined DNA sample with those out in the field. Choose a spot where we can do our field work. Collect from the Thermal Vent Power 3 times.
Sell a building.
17100 XP
8600 coins
15 Breaking the Ice Mystery Mail Whoever did this is a genius. I need to know who it was. If it's someone on my team, they're here onsite. Collect from buildings 4 times.
Place 2 Repair Bays.
17100 XP
4300 coins
1 dollar
16 The Hunt Is On Level 39 Got another message from the Iceman. We'll find our next big clue about the DNA source in the medical ward. But why there? Place 2 Infirmaries. 21000 XP
10500 coins
17 Getting Closer The Hunt is On The patient works on the docks. He was handling a shipment of fish when a "dark, eel-like" creature bit him. Let's check out the harbor. Activate the Fish Harbor 5 times. 21000 XP
5300 coins
1 dollar
18 Eye To Eye Level 42 We need to find out which assets Dr. Malcolm took out of cryostasis. Maybe that will tell us a bit about his motivations. Have 10 Kelp Beds.
Upgrade the Fish Harbor.
Expand the Aquatic Park.
24300 XP
12400 coins
19 Big Blue Eye To Eye I'm meeting with Dr. Grant so I'm sure he'll want to see the latest on our upcoming mission. What do we have for him? Gain 2 stars with any crustaceavore.
Move 2 buildings.
Have 80,000 coins.
24300 XP
6200 coins
1 dollar
20 Hide and Seek Level 50 Check around the old medical wing. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to find Dr. Malcolm.  Place an Infirmary.
Collect from a Shonisaurus 3 times.
Place a Big Sculpture.
34200 XP
21600 coins
21 Distrust Hide and Seek Before we go, check these remaining buildings first. Where could those DNA samples be? Collect from the Vet Office 4 times.
Collect from the Security Complex 4 times.
Move 2 buildings.
34200 XP
10800 coins
1 dollar
Executive Decision Level 58 You heard the man. Work quickly to extract any potentially viable fossil elements from the cliff face. We don't have much time. Have 500,000 coins.
Move 3 Underwater Caves.
Sell a Barnacle Stone.
45700 XP
37200 coins
I'll Be Back Executive Decision I hate leaving the fossil wall but we don't have a choice. Mark this repository so we know where to find it later. Have 5 Pebble Gardens.
Place a Big Sculpture.
Move 8 Coral Reefs.
45700 XP
18600 coins
1 dollar
A New Normal Level 70 Aquatic Park's resident doctor recommended that we ease back into a normal work routine. As long as I don't set foot into a submarine, that's fine by me. Activate the Fish Harbor 3 times.
Place 2 Hydrothermal Vents.
Have 10 Red Acropora Corals.
132400 XP
35000 coins
1 dollar
With Me Or Against Me Level 73 Let's get this investigation going then. Their requests don't seem outlandish. Place 2 Hydrothermal Vents around a Psephoderma close together.
Buy an Underwater Condo Complex.
Collect from the Security Office with at least a 10% bonus.
143800 XP
73000 coins
The Line Muse Be Drawn Level 78 Some of the facilities around Aquatic Park aren't arranged properly.I need you to help me determine if things are in order around here. Place 3 Rock Formations.

Have 20 Kelp Beds.

Activate the Fish Harbor 5 times.

163900 XP

39000 coins

1 dollar

? Not Too Careful Level 81 I can't believe the fossil sample is missing! I risked my life for it out there is the sea. I've made plans to increase security in the lab immediately. Let's implement these new protocols. Activate the Crustacean Harbor 4 times.

Have 7 Hydrothermal Vents.

Move 3 piscivores.

176600 XP

81000 coins

Shark Tank Level 89 Get ready to perform maintenance on some of the most dangerous aquatic animals today. Watch out, they may bite if you get too close! Move a Dunkleosteus.

Move a Leedsichthys.

Place 5 Sea Flowers.

106400 XP

44500 coins

Intercept Level 91 Dr. Wu wants the important fossil returned to his possession immediately. Activate the Fish Harbor 3 times.

Have 12 Red Acropora Corals.

Place 2 Hydrothermal Vents.

111100 XP

45500 coins

Handle With Care Level 94 The fossil is now undergoing a very delicate procedure. Use caution... Place a Red Acropora Coral.

Have 2,000,000 coins.

Activate the Crustacean Harbor 3 times.

118500 XP

23500 coins

1 dollar

Cutting Through Level 103 Dr. Wu will need to acquire the same tools he once had in order to dissect Dr. Grant´s aquatic specimen. Have 10 Coral Plates.

Collect 7000 coins from a Marine Turbine.

Place 3 Repair Bays.

191100 XP

50000 coins

? Previous mission ? Place 2 Abyss Museum.

Place 5 Kelp Beds.

Have 15 Barnacle Stones.

191100 XP

50000 coins

Get The Word Out Level 105 Dr. Wu and Kelly must establish a communication uplink with Aquatic Park. Collect 2,300,000 coins from buildings.

Place 10 tracks.

Have 9 Security Complexes.

198400 XP

50000 coins