Index Title Prerequisite Description Tasks Reward
1 Making Waves Complete Creature Feature - Hammond mission Help me with my latest theory and I'll be sure to credit you in my research paper. After my name, of course. Place 10 tracks.
Place 2 Marine Turbines.
1200 XP
1200 coins
2 The Hand that Feeds You Making Waves Of course, these overgrown reptiles haven't had anything to eat all day. Did anyone ever consider the ramifications of that? Feed some crustaceans to a crustaceavore.
Feed some fish to a piscivore.
1200 XP
1200 coins
3 You're Unpredictable The Hand that Feeds You I study the unpredicatable. What do you say we embrace a bit of unpredictability in our lives? Oh, after you - I insist. Feed 5 crustaceavores.
Collect from 3 sea creatures.
1500 XP
1400 coins
4 Apt Pupil You're Unpredictable Oh, wait a minute. Do we need to involve the Kronosaurus? There's unpredictability and then there's opening Pandora's Box. Place a Kronosaurus.
Have 2 stars with Crustaceavores.
1500 XP
700 coins
1 dollar
5 Motive Apt Pupil?
Level 18?
It's useless trying to find the gene thief. Nobody, uh, leaves fingerprints under water. The real question is: what was stolen? Have 2 Barnacle Stones.
Collect 11,500 coins from sea creatures.
1700 XP
1500 coins
6 No Choice Motive See if staff members saw anyone go in or out of the aquatic park. One of them could have noticed something suspicious. Level up 2 piscivores.
Sell a decoration.
Have 2 Red Acropora Corals.
1700 XP
1500 coins
7 Paging Doctor Malcolm No Choice This mother Temnodontosaurus is definitely giving birth. Okay, I can do this. Oh, why do these things always happen to me? Have 2 stars with a piscivore.
Level up 2 crustaceavores.
1900 XP
1600 coins
8 Maternal Figure Paging Doctor Malcolm Break out the cigars. I helped deliver a prehistoric baby sea reptile. Now to find something for the little fella to eat. Have 5,000 coins.
Activate the Crustaceans Harbour 3 times.
Feed 12 sea creatures.
1900 XP
1600 coins
9 Whispers and Noises Maternal Figure Shh, I think I hear something coming from behind here. Come with me, I'm going to investigate. Sell 2 decorations.
Collect 12,000 coins from sea creatures.
2400 XP
1800 coins
10 Tricks, You Say? Whispers and Noises No wait, I did see something. Hey, whoever you are, this isn't funny anymore! Collect 2,000 coins from buildings.
Feed 3 piscivores.
Have 500 crustaceans.
2400 XP
1800 coins
11 Buried Treasure Tricks, You Say? According to my sonar detector, there should be something buried right in this area. Curious? Expand the Aquatic Park.
Place 2 Small Coral Patches.
2700 XP
1900 coins
12 The Color and the Light Buried Treasure The way the sunlight refracts in the water is, uh, simply beyond words. It's one of life's great color shows... Have 2 Small Fossils.
Collect 1,000 coins from the Megalodon Diner.
2700 XP
1900 coins
13 Taking Care of Business The Color and the Light Nice to see that you still listen to sound reasoning. We'll be the ones to collect profits from the park and placate the Gene Thief. Collect 11,240 coins from Piscivores.
Collect 9,877 coins from Crustaceavores.
Collect 10,125 coins from buildings.
3500 XP
2200 coins
14 From Bad To Very Bad Taking Care of Business I'm needed in the big meeting room at HQ. Can you take over for me while I'm gone? Level up 3 Piscivores.
Collect from the Megalodon Diner 3 times.
Place 10 tracks.
3500 XP
1100 coins
1 dollar
15 Do The Math From Bad To Very Bad Time for another one of my equations. Even these seemingly simple specimens are governed by nonlinear dynamics, right? Have 7,000 coins.
Move 3 buildings.
Activate the Fish Harbor 2 times.
4500 XP
2500 coins
16 Furrowed Brows Do The Math Uh oh. I'm not liking the numbers I'm seeing from the equation. We'd better double check our experiments just to be sure. Collect 400 Fish.
Have 4 Giant Sea Stars.
Feed 4 crustaceavores.
4500 XP
1300 coins
1 dollar
17 X Factor Furrowed Brows I'm not at all happy with this recent Hollywood invasion. Someone needs to think of the specimens for once! Collect from the Abyss Museum 3 times.
Level up a Piscivore.
8500 XP
4300 coins
18 Safety Hazard X Factor Someone left all this lighting and sound equipment on the dock. This is a violation of regulations. We need to move this stuff. Activate the Crustacean Harbor 4 times.
Place a Red Acropora Coral.
8500 XP
4300 coins
19 No Pictures Please Safety Hazard What is the photographer doing? That's a fragile species of marine reptile - we need to treat it with more respect! Place an Psephoderma.
Have 5 Barnacle Stones.
8500 XP
2200 coins
1 dollar
20 Taking Action No Pictures Please Let's go visit the Chairman. If I remember correctly, we put him up in one of the fancy onsite V.I.P. accommodations here. Have 9,000 coins.
Buy an Underwater Condo Complex.
10200 XP
5100 coins
21 Stand By Me Taking Action The Chairman denied my request to cancel the film. You, um, believe me, right? Come on, we've got to do something about this.  Collect from 3 sea creatures.
Have 8 Kelp Beds.
10200 XP
5100 coins
22 What's The Plan? Stand By Me If the film crew won't vacate the Aqua Park then it's time to build something new. Are you with me? Have 7 Coral Plates.
Collect from the Fish Harbor 3 times.
10200 XP
2600 coins
1 dollar
23 New Frontier What's The Plan? We'll need to take as many supplies with us as we can carry. I'll bring the mini-sub around, you load everything into the back.  Have 1,000 Crustaceans.
Collect from 4 sea creatures.
19000 XP
9500 coins
24 One Last Thing New Frontier I, um, forgot my lucky watch at home - Kelly bought it for me on my birthday. We'll need to stop by my apartment first and pick it up.  Place an Underwater Condo Complex.
Activate the Fish Harbour 3 times.
1900 XP
4800 coins
1 dollar
25 Doorway Level 44 According to the rumors, there should be a sunken sculpture which marks the passageway to the oil rig. Do you see it? Place a Big Sculpture.
Have 10 Rock Formations.
Expand the Aquatic Park.
26600 XP
14100 coins
26 Arrival Doorway We'll drop our DNA supply near one of the abandoned crew quarters before we move any further.  Place an Underwater Condo Complex.
Place a Pebble Garden.
Collect from buildings 4 times.
26600 XP
7100 coins
1 dollar
27 Grand Tour Level 51 Let's show Dr. Grant how much headway we've made so far in establishing our site. Collect 13,000 coins from buildings.
Collect from the Fish Harbor 4 times.
Feed 5 crustaceavores.
35500 XP
23200 coins

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Grand Tour

Next, let's show them how we interact with the sea creatures surrounding Big Blue. Place 2 Barnacle Stones.
Collect 14,000 coins from sea creatures.
Have 2,000 Fish.
35500 XP
11600 coins
1 dollar
29 Breathless Level 53 I don't like this. We're starting to run out of oxygen from our tanks. Conserve your energy and don't make too many big movements. Place a Giant Sea Star.
Collect 20,000 coins from the Hotel.
Move 2 sea creatures.
38300 XP
26700 coins
30 Shaken and Stirred


Level 54?

The water current in this area is definitely getting stronger. We're three little goldfish and the universe is shaking our bowl. Upgrade the Crustacean Harbor.
Upgrade the Fish Harbor.
Place a Hydrothermal Vent.
38300 XP
13400 coins
1 dollar
31 Rock and Roll Level 59 I see something. I, um, recognize it but it's stuck under these piles of rock. Help me move them out of the way. Have a crustaceavore at Level 25.
Move 5 Rock Formations.
Move 5 Red Acropora Corals.
47300 XP
39600 coins
32 In a Jam Rock and Roll We need some way to haul these DNA samples out. Anything around the Aquatic Park facilities we can use? Activate the Crustacean Harbor 3 times.
Place an Abyss Museum.
Collect from the Security Office 5 times.
47300 XP
19800 coins
1 dollar
33 Trauma Level 64 I may not know a lot about medicine but Dr. Wu certainly won't recover if we do nothing. Where are the supplies? There's got to be some onboard. Expand the Aquatic Park.
Collect 4,000 fish.
Have 10,000 crustaceans.
111000 XP
26600 coins
1 dollar
34 Outside The Box Level 68 This town needs some redecorating - and you're the new mayor. Come on, think outside the box, let's shake things up a bit! Expand the Aquatic Park.
Move 3 decorations.
Collect from the Abyss Museum with a 25% bonus.
125000 XP
1 dollar
35 Dissension Level 71 Hammond wants us to work together to track down what the SRT is up to. If they're around, we have a bit of work to do around Aquatic Park. Buy a Red Acropora Coral.
Have 2,000,000 coins.
Activate the Crustacean Harbor 3 times.
36 How To Disappear Completely Level 76 Can you take over my duties for me while I'm away? I, um, promise my meeting with Hammond won't take long. Move 4 sea creatures.
Have [Collect] 1,000,000 coins.
Collect from the Abyss Museum with [at] least a 30% bonus.
155700 XP
38000 coins
1 dollar
Just a rock ? The fossil sample must be hidden around here. It looks like an ordinary rock. Sell a big sculpture

Have 21 barnacle stones

Feed 7 crustaceavores

101700 XP

43500 coins

For Your Own Good Level 90 Help Dr. Malcolm follow a path in order to reach his daughter, Kelly. Move a Repair Bay 4 times.

Move 10 Green Seaweeds.

Move a Marine Turbine.

Reception Level 93 Help Dr. Malcolm adjust reception so he can receive instructions from Dr. Grant. Collect from a Repair Bay with at least a 30% bonus.

Place 5 Red Acropora Corals.

Place a Hydrothermal Vent and a Kelp Bed together.

116000 XP

46500 coins

Belly of the Beast Level 95 Is Dr. Malcolm correct? Did he really detect an InGen cargo ship suddenly appearing? Collect from a Security Complex 9 times.

Have 8 Giant Sea Stars.

Place 5 Sea Flowers.

121000 XP

47500 coins