Index Title Prerequisite Description Tasks Reward
1 Fish Out of Water - Or Not Complete Small Things - Dr. Wu mission Get things cleared out and prepared for the new specimen. First, we'll expand and redecorate the ocean floor. Expand the Aquatic Park.
Place a Green Seaweed.
1100 XP
1000 coins
2 Welcome Home Fish Out of Water - Or Not Easy does it now. Release the Dunkleosteus slowly and gently into the water. We don't want to scare the girl. Place a Dunkleosteus. 1100 XP
500 coins
1 dollar
3 Better Man Complete fourth Park expansion Let's show Dr. Malcolm how things are done around here. Start with these simple tasks around the aquatic park. Place 3 Kelp Bed.
Collect 3,000 coins from sea creatures.
Have 500 Crustaceans.
1300 XP
1300 coins
4 Farm Hands Better Man We're not getting paid by the hour so no use standing around. If we finish these tasks, we can still make it for dinner. Remove 3 tracks.
Place 2 decorations.
Activate the Fish Harbor 2 times.
1300 XP
1300 coins
5 Bad Feeling Farm Hands Someone entered the aquarium with out my knowledge. Help me check around the aquatic park. Maybe we'll find some clues. Collect 10,000 coins from sea creatures.
Collect 300 crustaceans.
1500 XP
1400 coins
6 The Gene Thief Bad Feeling We need to retrace the footsteps of this mysterious "gene thief". See how much ground you can cover. Move 2 sea creatures.
Have 2 Abyss Museums.
Have a sea creature at level 5.
1500 XP
700 coins
1 dollar
7 Good Fortune Complete 7th park expansion I'd like to replicate the rock garden I had back in China. Who knows, maybe it'll bless the animals here as well? Upgrade Crustaceans Harbor.
Place 1 Small Coral Patch.
2200 XP
1700 coins
8 Good Graces Good Fortune Alright now that we have the rock garden, we'll need to make space for it. Move 2 buildings.
Expand aquatic park.
2200 XP
1700 coins
9 All Shook Up Complete Beauty In The Wild - Kelly mission We registered a slight aftershock on the surface of the ocean floor. Let's make the rounds to ensure everyone is okay. Feed piscivores 15 times.
Collect 1,000 Crustaceans.
Collect 4,000 coins from crustaceavores.
2900 XP
2000 coins
10 New Men All Shook Up Hammond wants to tighten up procedures against future quakes. We've done all we can up. Can you think of something? Move 3 sea creatures.
Activate the Fish Harbor 4 times.
2900 XP
1000 coins
1 dollar
11 Day At The Office New Men I haven't gotten the hang of working underwater just yet. Do you mind helping me with this next one? Move 5 sea creatures.
Feed 3 Piscivores.
Have 800 Crustaceans.
3500 XP
2200 coins
12 Quitting Time Day At The Office One more task and then it's some well-deserved shut-eye. I want things to go smooth and by the numbers, okay? Collect 6,000 coins from Crustaceavores.
Activate the Fish Harbor 3 times.
3500 XP
1100 coins
1 dollar
13 Coaching Quitting Time The animals must be able to defend themselves under any emergency situation. And I'd like you to personally handle their training. Move 3 sea creatures.
Feed 4 Piscivores.
4200 XP
2400 coins
14 Repetition Is Discipline Coaching One more time. Whatch the reactions, especially when they move their tail from side to side like this. You can do it. Level up a Crustaceavore.
Gain 1 star with any sea creature.
4200 XP
1200 coins
1 dollar
15 Visitors Repetition is Discipline The folks at InGen are paying us a visit soon and Hammond wants us to be sure that the Aqua Park is made safe for their arrival. Let's go. Place a Security Office.
Collect 1,000 coins from the Security Complex.
4800 coins
16 No Stone Unturned Visitors Remember to check in and around the swim zones of the dinosaurs. You never know what might be there.  Move 2 sea creatures.
Feed 5 sea creatures.
4800 XP
1300 coins
1 dollar
17 Welcoming Committee No Stone Unturned I have to meet with the Chairman tonight. His personal sub is due to arrive any minute so a docking path needs to be cleared. Place 12 tracks.
Collect from the Fish Harbor 4 times.
Feed 4 piscivores.
5600 XP
2800 coins
18 Best Flipper Forward Welcoming Committee The Chairman should see how hard we've worked so far. Have the animals scrubbed down and ready to shine in the aquarium tonight.  Level up a sea creatures.
Collect from the Marine Turbine 3 times.
Sell a decoration.
5600 XP
1400 coins
1 dollar
19 America's Dinosaur Man Level 34 Making movies isn't really what I signed up for. But I guess I have no choice. Just tell me when you're ready to roll.  Expand the Aquatic Park. 16200 XP
8100 coins
20 Hold That Pose America's Dinosaur Man Hammond is going to do an alternate take with me and the creature. Be careful as you bring in the LeptocleidusPlace a Leptocleidus. 16200 XP
4100 coins
1 dollar
21 Solitude Level 40 I'm not angry at anyone. I just had to get off that movie set. I'd like to be alone if you wouldn't mind. Place a Rock Formation. 22100 XP
11100 coins
22 Exit Hollywood Solitude I've made my decision. And I feel good about it. I'll go tell Hammond personally. Place a Pebble Garden. 22100 XP
5600 coins
1 dollar
23 Missing Person Level 41 I need to know where Dr. Malcolm went. Did he leave behind a clue? A mark? Anything that might indicate where he went? Feed 6 crustaceavores.
Have a piscivore at level 10.
Have 14 Green Seaweeds.
23200 XP
11700 coins
24 Eye Witness Missing Person Find the last person Dr. Malcolm talked to before he left. I need to know what kind of state he was in.  Collect from the Security Complex 5 times.
Have 9,000 crustaceans.
Collect 5,000 coins from the Hotel.
23200 XP
5900 coins
1 dollar
25 Hot Water Level 46 Either we steer through this patch of geothermal heat while it's still dormant or we take the long way around. Steady as she goes.  Place a Hydrothermal Vent.
Have a piscivore at level 15.
Have 7 Red Acropora Corals.
29000 XP
16200 coins
26 Anticipation Hot Water Start by making a slow circle around the Big Blue complex. But let's not alarm any of the sea creatures.  Sell a decoration.
Move 2 buildings.
Have a crustaceavore at Level 18.
29000 XP
8100 coins
1 dollar
27 Knock Knock Level 48 Malcolm's not around. Do a search in and outside the sub. I'll check the surrounding area of Big Blue before we head in.  Place an Underwater Cave Ride.
Upgrade the Fish Harbor.
Place 2 Medium Sculptures.
31600 XP
18700 coins
28 Gatekeeper Knock Knock Whoops. There's a Styxosaurus swimming near the oil rig entrance. Give him what he wants and then we leave quietly. Collect 6,000 Fish.
Place a Styxosaurus.
Feed a Styxosaurus 3 times.
31600 XP
9400 coins
1 dollar
29 That Sinking Feeling Level 52 I can't BELIEVE Dr. Malcolm lost the DNA samples in the middle of the ocean! Listen, we really need your help on this. Move 2 sea creatures.
Level up 3 Fish eaters.
Expand the Aquatic Park.
36900 XP
24900 coins
30 Perfect Storm That Sinking Feeling We really don't have a lot of time left. Let's get moving and find those samples as fast as we can. Place a Volcano.
Place a Marine Turbine.
Collect 11,000 coins from crustaceavores.
36900 XP
12500 coins
1 dollar
31 Rude Awakening Level ? I drifted into some kind of deep sea fissure on the ocean floor. I hope it's not the residence of that Mauisaurus over there. Otherwise, I'm in trouble. Place a Mauisaurus.
Collect from the Fish Harbor 5 times.
Level up a sea creature.
41200 XP
30600 coins
32 Only Time Rude Awakening This fossil wall is the most stunning find of my career. But it's so dark in here. I can't make out some things properly. Can you? Have 20 Green Seaweeds.
Place an Underwater Cave.
Have 8 Small Fossils.
41200 XP
15300 coins
1 dollar
33 Deadline Level 60 We're already past the minimum O2 threshold. Direct the path that leads from the repository and get us out of here, quick! Place 15 tracks.
Collect 4,000 coins from piscivores.
Expand the Aquatic Park.
48900 XP
42100 coins
34 Gasping For Air Deadline Get that pod of Tylosauruses away from here. Careful now, they bite! Collect 50,000 coins from the Tylosaurus with at least a 15% bonus.
Move a Tylosaurus.
48900 XP
21100 coins
1 dollar
35 Cutting It Close Level 63 Why doesn't anything show up on the display properly? I need someone out there to light up the docking path manually. It's the only way to align the sub. Sell a Kelp Bed.
Place 10 tracks.
107600 XP
50200 coins
36 Recovery Level 65 Dr. Wu may have pulled through but we should still get him to a medical facility right away. Place an Infirmary.
Collect 19,000 coins from the Infirmary.
Place a Repair Bay.
114400 XP
56100 coins
37 Corporate Takeover Level 69 InGen goons were getting their hands all over the Mauisaurus. I'm going after them. Stay with the pod, try and calm them down! Move a Mauisaurus.
Have a piscivore at Level 35.
Collect 50,000 coins from the Mauisaurus with at least a 30% bonus.
128700 XP
69000 coins
38 Unlucky Charm Level 74 We'd better demonstrate what this fossil sample is all about. Help me with some of these tasks so that Hammond understands its significance. Expand the Aquatic Park.
Place 3 decorations.
Collect from a crustaceavore with at least a 35% bonus.
147700 XP
37000 coins
1 dollar
39 Fugitives Level 77 Hammond has already agreed to help me run some interference at Aquatic Park. Let's give these SRT goons the runaround. Place 3 Pebble Gardens

Have 7 Repair Bays

Collect 25.000 coins from the infirmary,

159800 XP 77000 coins
Hot on the Trail Level 88 Dr. Grand is trying to outmaneuver the SRT agents. He'll need you to place suitable underwater cover in order to trick them. Place 6 Kelp Beds.

Have 9 Giant Sea Stars.

Move a Yellow Coral Bush 3 times.

104000 XP

22000 coins

1 dollar

? Speed is of the Essence Level 86 Please help me get this mini-sub moving faster. Remove a Green Seaweed

Place 12 Sea Sponges

Place 25 tracks

99400 XP

21500 coins

1 dollar

Pursuit of Giants Level 92 What could be hanging overhead Dr. Grant's sub? An edifice or some large structure perhaps? Place 5 Rock Formations.

Move 6 Big Sculptures.

Feed 8 crustaceavores.

113600 XP

23000 coins

Transfer Level 94 Dr. Grant needs your assistance in removing obstacles out of his way in order to have a clear path. Place 3 Rock Formations.

Have 20 Kelp Beds.

Activate the Fish Harbor 5 times.

118500 XP

23500 coins

Dark Waters Level 95 Is there truly a predator lurking above Dr. Grant right now? He'll need your help for this one! Feed a piscivore 4 times.

Have 30 Small Coral Patches.

Place 4 Red Acropora Corals.

121000 XP

47500 coins