Picture Name Cost XP Unmodified Earnings Rate Size Build Time
Marine Turbine Marine Turbine 15,200 Coins 152 150 Coins 15 min 3x3 4h 3m
Abbyss Museum Abyss Museum 30,000 Coins 300 550 Coins 1 hr 4x4 8h 0m
Security Complex Security Complex 20,250 Coins 203 399 Coins 45 min 2x2 5h 24m
Observation Deck Observation Deck 19 Bucks 1,000 Coins 2 hr 4x4
Megalodon Diner Megalodon Diner 25,350 Coins 254 200 Coins 30 min 3x3 6h 46m
Sonar Station Sonar Station 29 Bucks 2,200 Coins 4 hr 2x2
Repair Bay Repair Bay 13,500 Coins 135 570 Coins 1 hr 2x2 3h 36m
Pangaea Shopping Mall Pangaea Shopping Mall 49 Bucks 6,000 Coins 12 hr 5x5
Security office Security Office 15,750 Coins 158 560 Coins 1 hr 2x2 4h 12m
Gondwana Theater Gondwana Theater 39 Bucks 5,000 Coins 10 hr 3x3
Thermal Vent Power Thermal Vent Power 18,750 Coins 188 900 Coins 2 hr 2x2 5h 0m
Infirmary Infirmary(Lv.27) 19,500 Coins 195 950 Coins 2 hr 2x2 5h 12m
Underwater Condo Complex Underwater Condo Complex 84,000 Coins 840 1,500 Coins 3 hr 4x4 22h 24m
JellyFish Kingdom Jellyfish Kingdom 59 Bucks 5,598 Coins 9 hr 4x4
The Tethys The Tethys 52,350 Coins 524 1,200 Coins 2 hr 3x3 13h 58m
Vet Office Vet Office 154,700 Coins 1547 4,992 Coins 12 hr 5x5 41h 15m
Underwater Cave Ride Underwater Cave Ride 154,700 Coins 1547 9,984 Coins 24 hr 5x5 41h 15m
Botanic Gardens Botanic Garden 99 Bucks 9,792 Coins 18 hr 4x4
Disco Disco 89 Bucks 7,995 Coins 15 hr 4x4
Hotel Hotel 256,500 Coins 2565 7,888 Coins 16 hr 6x6 68h 24m


Build time can be calculated from the Cost. For buildings that must be purchased with coins, divide the cost by 62.5 and round down to get the build time in minutes. Ex: Marine Turbine 15,200 / 62.5 = 243.2 ==> 4h 3m


Deciding the best return on your investment depends a bit on how often you collect. If you are collecting once a day (or less), the Underwater Cave Ride has the best Cost/Earnings ratio (it pays for itself in 15.5 collections. However, since it takes 24 hours to reach full earnings, the Infirmary is a better choice if you routinely collect more often.

The Marine Turbine and The Tethys have the best Earnings/hr. The Repair Bay is almost as good and has a very good Cost/Earnings ratio.

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